25 Oct 2010

A fun & frolic day to remember

On October 23, 2010, CHILDLINE in association with a group of volunteers from the NYK Group of Companies in Kolkata and CINI Asha visited two shelter homes. Twenty committed employees of NYK reached the designated shelter homes near Shealdah Railway Station to do their bit and help contribute to a better life for those less privileged than themselves. The bright eyed and innocent little boys were enthusiastic about the day. The hours just melted away as the NYK volunteers mingled with the enthusiastic kids for a story telling session, a presentation on health and hygiene, and a robust cricket match between two teams of boys which resulted in roaring laughter, tough competition and loads of fun.

The spirit of revelry soon gave way to a warm friendship and bonding between the children and adults. The balloon blowing competition saw the maximum number of participation from kids and the adults. The youngsters tugged at heartstrings of the NYK team by innocently asking to take them home and wanted a promise that would return the next day to share love with them. Some refused to be put down and a few sensitive ones were crying. As a token of love, the NYK team gifted the kids, DVDs, shuttle cock sets and a big bright football.

The team moved to the CINI Asha's girls shelter home "Amader Bari" to spend the afternoon with these girls. The pretty young girls put forth a graceful dance for the team and demonstrated their skill at the art of self defence with their Karate Teacher. The team bonded with the girls over games, a drawing competition and other activities. At the end of the programme, NIYK team members gave away the special gifts to all the children and the winners of games. The DVDs and game CDs were gifted to the homes for the benefit of the children.