13 Feb 2015

Story of Manoj!

At CHILDLINE we often don’t hear of the longer term impact on the children whose lives we and our partners change but the story of Manoj’s life does. CHILDLINE team discovered Manoj homeless and living in footpath in Mumbai. His parents at the fringes of subsistence were unable to support his education. With the continuous support from CHILDLINE Mumbai and Salaam Baalak Trust, Manoj has topped in his studies every year.

6 years ago Manoj found himself homeless, hungry and left to care for his 6-month-old sister when his family lost their home. Manoj and his sister survived for a few days on scraps and handouts from nearby food stalls, the trimmed edges from sandwiches for instance. They found temporary shelter under the awnings of shops when they closed at night and confronted harassment from a variety of source including the police. Their desperation grew as they ran out of options. Nobody they asked seemed to be able to provide any help.

Finally, someone told Manoj that they knew a number he could call - 1098. CHILDLINE and Salaam Baalak Trust came to Manoj's rescue in his darkest hour. With the support from CHILDLINE Mumbai and Salaam Baalak Trust, Manoj started attending school and lived at the Salaam Baalak Home.  Manoj has topped his class every year for the past 6 years and is confident he will get at least 90% in his current studies this year.

CHILDLINE wishes Manoj continued success in his courageous journey.