6 Jan 2015

CIFs football star, Santosh inspires- his blindness is not a barrier

Santosh Nageshkar, CHILDLINE Contact Officer at CHILDLINE Contact Centre (CCC) is visually impaired yet he still manages to live life to its fullest. Not only he works at CHILDLINE Contact Officer but also he is an athlete.

Santosh Nageshkar is hardworking who has a lot of ability for a guy with a disability. Despite his inability to see, he attends incoming 1098 calls at CHILDLINE Contact Centre and makes outgoing calls to CHILDLINE Intervention Units (IUs), whenever intervention is required at the CCC. He enjoys playing football and is an ardent fan of Diego Armando Maradona.

Santosh Nageshkar (extreme right in front row) in full power at the state level foot ball
tournament of Indian Blind Association in New Delhi

Santosh was blind since his birth. As a child, his blindness did not stop from developing a passion for sports. He finds that playing football has helped to look at the positive things, improved his understanding and awareness of surroundings. As a child, his blindness did not stop from developing a passion for sports, he finds that playing football has helped to look at the positive things improved his awareness of surroundings.

A truly dedicated member of the Blind Social Welfare Club, Goa, Santosh loves this breathtaking sport and talks about it all the time. He states, "Indeed playing football has helped with my confidence and improved my communication because I'm part of a team." 

Santosh’s first challenge after joining the foot ball club was navigating the obstacles in the football matches to reach district and state level. For the last three years Santosh has played in several foot ball matches in the state level representing Blind Social Welfare Club, Goa. More recently at the State level football tournament organised by Indian Blind Association in New Delhi, Santosh played well at the tournament representing his club. He hopes to represent at National level competition and happy to have learnt to play the game.

In blind and visually impaired football specially designed audible footballs are used which rattle due to ball bearings contained inside. Teams are 5-a-side and, as the level of visual impairment can vary among players, blindfolds are worn by everyone except the goalkeeper who is sighted. Behind the goals sighted guides also stand and make noise to help direct players,” explains Santosh.

"I love working at CCC and grateful for CIFs support throughout these years,” states Santosh. The story of Santosh is inspiring and truly shows what people with disabilities are capable of doing if they are provided with right guidance and support.