20 Jun 2008

Completing 12 years today....

CHILDLINE India has been working tirelessly on Child Rights - the child's right to survival, protection, development and participation since its inception in 1996 in Mumbai. Twelve years later, we are established in 82 cities arround the country!!

This long journey sounds easy but has been filled with moments of despair, shock, satisfaction and even joy when a missing child is reunited. The past provided us deep insights into the lives of children.

Being primarily a Helpline , we receive calls which
tell us stories of little children - stories of abuse, poverty, exploitation, addiction, illness, calamities and crime. We have learnt from their unfortunate cicumstances and talked about this condition to the world. Sensitizing officials and the public further, is our path ahead. A lot has already been done. Even more needs to be done.

he next time you see a child in distress, call 1098 and leave to us the rest. You never know when a child may require your help..... http://www.childlineindia.org.in/1098/b1a-telehelpline.htm

We want you to help us create a world that ensures all children their rights in a dignified world.

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