21 Nov 2010

CHILDLINE participates in the Airtel Delhi Half marathon 2010

New Delhi: On the November 21, 2010, CHILDLINE participated in the Airtel Delhi Half marathon 2010 at Central Civil Services Ground, Delhi. This year as well saw four categories, the 21km Half Marathon , the 6km Dream Run, the 4km Senior Citizens Run and the 2.5 km Wheelchair Event.

The Sixth edition of this path breaking event motivated a cross section of the city's citizenry, young and old, from all walks of life, to come together and raise monies for causes of their choice. CHILDLINE marked its presence with a team consists of 43 children and adults all waving their flags and posters and lustily singing the CHILDLINE Song "Dus Nau Aath" all along the race route. The morning winter chill did not deter the spirits of more than 30,000 people who participated with a great deal of enthusiasm in various categories like the 21km Half Marathon , the 6km Dream Run, the 4km Senior Citizens Run and the 2.5 km Wheelchair Event.

On the race day once the elite athletes were flagged off on their Half Marathon, there were thousands of people who hit the roads. They participated in the Half Marathon, The Great Delhi Run, The Dream Run and the Wheelchair Event. There were runners dressed in CHILDLINE T-shirts, caps brandished placards on Child Protection and waving CHILDLINE flags and banners. Their vociferous chants did not go unnoticed with the audience there.

This year CHILDLINE Ms.Preet Dhupar ran as Dream Runner and Rajeev Vaid as Dream maker who participated enthusiastically in the marathon. CIF team with supporters participated with gusto wearing the CHILDLINE T shirts and caps and waving banners sang the 1098 song along the race route supporting CHILDLINE.

Ms. Preet Dhupar ran as a Dream Runner for CHILDLINE. This was her fifth consecutive run for CHILDLINE at the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon and raised a substantial sum for CHILDLINE. Being asked about her experiences and her motivation to participate in the Marathon, Ms. Preet Dhupar said, "Marathons have become a great platform for people to raise awareness and support and gain visibility for various causes. Delhi half marathon is becoming livelier each year and Delhiites are imbibing the spirit of giving and one of Delhi's most keenly awaited sporting celebrations."

CHILDLINE is in aid of children and children have always been able to pull at my heartstrings, added to that was the challenge to my own self to be able to collect money and do the run. I have also been fortunate that I have had the continued support of friends that keep me in the run every year and it is brilliant that new people also contribute each year and I wish that I could do more, she added.

CHILDLINE express sincere gratitude to all our supporters both corporates and individuals who have supported us by running and raising pledges and spreading awareness about CHILDLINE 1098 service.

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