26 Sep 2015

Volunteer now for CIFs Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Programme (CSAAP) in Bengaluru

Have you always wanted to devote sometime for a good cause, but didn’t know where to start? This is your chance to sign up as a volunteer for CHILDLINEs Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Program (CAAAP) in Bengaluru ! 

Since January 2011, CIF has been running the Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Programme (CSAAP) in schools across Mumbai for children from 2nd-6th standard that is designed to take to the classroom basic concepts of Safe Touch, Unsafe Touch and Personal Safety Rules. This program is now initiated in Bengaluru and aims to reach out to 1 million children in the next 3 years.

CSAAP addresses Child Sexual abuse issue through the medium of storytelling, using simple graphics comprehensible by children to break the communication barrier about the issue between parents and children and encourages children to break the silence about a 'touching problem' and openly communicate on the subject with a trusted adult.

CSAAP is the preventive approach taken by CIF. The aim is to reach out to those children who are at the receiving end of such abuse, who remain unaware of what is happening to them and don’t know where to seek help. It enables children with the necessary tools to prevent abuse and resources to report abuse hence creating a more informed and active generation of students. We have reached out to over 4 lakh children through over 1000 schools in Mumbai and now aim to do the same in Bengaluru.

Signup now to volunteer for CSAAP: http://bit.ly/1iKABs5

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