25 Nov 2015


'Childline Se Dosti' is a weeklong national campaign aims to make ordinary citizens stakeholders in CHILDLINE 1098.The campaign involves a range of events, activities across the country. 

Be it a student, a taxi driver, an IT professional, a rickshaw puller or a housewife, it is the objective to reach out to people from different walks of life to get to know CHILDLINE, begin to care about vulnerable children and initiate action towards change. The ostensible purpose of this campaign is to generate a Million 'Dosts' for CHILDLINE and acquaint people with Child Rights and Protection.

A Childline Dost is someone who chooses to lend a hand to Childline in helping children in distress. To be a Childline Dost you need to observe what happens around you, take action when necessary and call Childline 1098 to help protect children. You, as a Childline Dost will be an ambassador for child protection.

Become a Childline Dost today. Click Here to Take Dosti Pledge:

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