1 Jan 2011

CHILDLINE Rourkela and CHILDLINE Delhi crack down those who employ children

Kinnari was a 16-year old girl who lived in a village in Tangarpali, Sundargarh district. Although she was an earnest student at school, she was compeled to leave, as her parents couldn’t draw in much income with their daily labour wages.

Sakir, an agent from a neighbouring village lured Kinnari’s parents into sending her to Delhi with a promising job prospect. She was deceived into working as a maid for 6 months in a household that treated her callously.
CHILDLINE Rourkela received a call from a distraught mother who was looking for her daughter gone astray. She assisted the team with details of the employer in Delhi, as her daughter had not contacted her in 6 months. In turn, CHILDLINE Delhi was contacted in order to verify the details. Once it was confirmed, the CHILDLINE Rourkela team along with Kinnari’s mother visited Delhi to bring her back. An FIR was registered against the placement agency and her employer, under section 26 and 23 of the Juvenile Justice (Care & Protection of Children) Act 2000.

A well chalked out rescue was carried out with CHILDLINE Rourkela, CHILDLINE Delhi and the Delhi Police. Kinnari was found in an appalling condition wearing torn clothes and afraid to speak. The necessary support and counseling was provided to the child before she was produced before the CWC who directed her to a Shelter Home. Subsequently, Kinnari was brought back to Rourkela in the effort to unite her with her family.

The employer was ordered to pay a compensation of Rs. 23,600 to Kinnari. 

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