22 Jan 2011

CHILDLINE @ Standard Chartered Marathon 2011

The Standard Chartered Marathon 2011 saw a great deal of enthusiasm and vigor not only from those who support CHILDLINE but by the children themselves. The Mumbai Marathon proves to be a platform for CHILDLINE in more ways that one. It is an opportunity to raise funds for underprivileged children, create a sense of unity amongst those supporting our cause and allow interaction with children who have benefited from their philanthropy.

This year a total of 325 zealous individuals walked and ran to support CHILDLINE. The children too, participated in the Dream Run and walked enthusiastically to the finish line.
Of these ardent supporters, Star TV, Vodafone, Sanofi Aventis, TATA AIG and DSP Bankam ran for the Corporate challenge teams whilst MHFC (Micro Housing Finance Corporation), Marvel, Serum, Sampark, Viacom, RBS, Deloitte and Search Quest ran with the CHILDLINE team.

While the CHILDLINE team and the playful children chanted 1098 slogans with Shobhaa De (writer, journalist) to complete the race, the Half Marathon runners were already nearing the finish line. Amongst them were Sunil Rawlani (VP, HDFC Insurance), Madhusudhan Menon (MHFC), Gurpreet Singh, Tasneem Lakdawala, T.J.Matthew, Nikhil Kejriwal and CHILDLINE's very own Brijesh and Sudeesh!

The cartoon character Dora, the Marvel enthusiasts dressed in customized phone suits and the MHFC house model were also a part of the Marathon madness and enjoyment for the children.The race ended with the sun beating down on us. The furor amongst the supporters that we witnessed on this day will always be etched in our memory. We hope to see the CHILDLINE family and many more next year.

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