31 Jan 2012

CHILDLINE & Vodafone brings joy to kids

Udaipur: After a capacity building workshop organized by a Bangalore based consultancy- D’frens, 140 enthusiastic employees of Vodafone were assigned the task of reassembling parts of a bicycle for children in local communities of Udaipur.

Thereafter began the exhilarating task of piecing together the sub-parts of the bicycles in order to make them useable for under privileged children of the community. The employees were to split into groups of 10, assigning one bicycle to each group. The children watched in anticipation and were eager and excited to ride the bicycles in their locality!

Once the bicycles were ready to go, a game was played with the Vodafone employees and children. While the task for the employees was to keep the bicycle moving without stepping on the ground, the children had to ensure they followed the rules!

This activity brought it a lot of laughter and created a bond between the children and the employees. The day ended with a bunch of fulfilled employees and excited children smiling away. This activity was conducted as part of the CSR tie-up between CIF’s Resource Mobilisation team and Vodafone.

Like   Mr.Viswanathan Ramaswamy, Senior Vice President- Enterprise Network, Vodafone Essar Limited rightly put it

“It comes as little surprise to us that bikes are the most requested gift from little ones. They provide freedom, exercise, exhilaration, and fun. They can teach responsibility, care, and provide the opportunity for social interaction when ridden in a group. They can help one get to school faster, and home faster, or off for a joy ride with ones friends.

Bikes are magic to children. They feel the wind in their hair, the whoosh of speed, and the fun of balancing. For some of us, that magic is never lost”.

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