14 Jan 2012

Running for the right to a happy childhood

Many children don’t play to work at a beedi making factory.
Many children leave home to avoid being beaten up.
Many children stop studying to beg on the streets.
Many children lose their innocence to an early marriage.
Many children turn into adults before 18 years of age.

Running the Mumbai Marathon 2012!

The Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon is an annual event that creates a platform for you and your friends to run for the ‘right to a happy childhood.’ At CHILDLINE, we have been working to bring a happy childhood to these children. The Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon is all about enthusiasm and vigor not only from those who support CHILDLINE but by the children themselves.

The Mumbai Marathon proves to be a platform for CHILDLINE in more ways that one. It is an opportunity to raise funds for underprivileged children, create a sense of unity amongst those supporting our cause and allow interaction with children who have benefited from their philanthropy.

CHILDLINE has tied its umbilical telephone line for children in distress with this event. And it has been possible only with the support of the various teams and individuals from various walks of life, who decide to run for our cause, year after year.

The countdown is still on.

DUS… NAU… AATH…It’s a countdown to a better life for the children of our country.

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