8 Jun 2011

CHILDLINE Indore and Police department work together to rescue Aarti from Child labour

In a rather complex case, little Aarti, was rescued by CHILDLINE team and Police officials. Aarti who wanted to go back home, but locked her in a room by the employer who force her to work. She was not provided with proper food and facilities. The girl continuously screamed and requested to leave her or send back to her home. The timely intervention of CHILDLINE and proper coordination with Police, Labor and C.W.C saved the little Aarti.The case started with a complaint from a concerned adult send by email to the Police Department. He informed the police about a girl who has been illegally brought from Bihar and kept at home as a maid. He complainant also informed that the case looks like more of a bonded labour and requested to rescue the girl as soon as possible. The informer also provided name and address of the accused people.

After receiving the information, the police sent a constable for the enquiry and found the complaint as true. Mr. Vineet kapoor, Additional S.P requested CHILDLINE Indore for helping into the process. The police department and CHILDLINE Indore held a meeting for further process. Mr. Deepesh Choukse, CHILDLINE City Coordinator met the Vijaynagar Police Incharge and discussed the case. CHILDLINE coordinated the case with M.I.G police station and conducted a meeting. The meeting resulted in formation of a rescue team consisting of a Sub Inspector, female Constable, two male constables, a CHILDLINE representative, CHILDLINE City Coordinator, and a representative from other N.G.O.

The rescue team reached the spot and rescued the girl. The team found Aarti, in a horrific condition, wearing torn clothes and seemed to have been forced to perform domestic work for long hours. F.I.R was registered with the M.I.G police station and CWC was informed. After the rescue the girl was afraid and unable to speak in M.I.G police station, CHLDLINE representative contacted CWC who ordered to keep Aarti in Special Home for Girls in Pardesipura. CHILDLINE coordinator was in touch with A.S.P, other police officials, C.W.C for rehabilitation of throughout the process. The next day C.W.C. conducted a meeting in Special Home for girls and decided to contact Aarti's parents in Bihar. All the procedure was completed in two to three days because of timely cooperation of C.W.C and proper coordination between Police, CHILDLINE and C.W.C.The Police department informed other N.G.O's, Labour Department and CHIDLINE for timely action. A team from Labour department visited the Girls Home next for meeting with the girl and know her condition.

During the process, the family members of the child kept opposing the police and CHILDLINE. After rescue operation the detainers brought many people and family members for forcing the police. But some of the family members secretly supported the police in the procedure and gave their consent in taking action against the Jha couple. The neighbour Mr. Rajesh Arora also provided proper cooperation to rescue team during the raid.

CHILDLINE team member visited all the three police stations namely Vijaynagar, Khajrana and M.I.G. for further action. After all the action parents of the girls were called from Dhokli Dham, Bihar. C.W.C and police department conducted a meeting and discussed the matter with the parents. Afterwards parents were convinced to take the girl back with them and keep her properly. Now the girl Aarti is with her parents in Bihar. Police, C.W.C and CHILDLINE in touch with the Aarti's parents for proper follow up.

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