16 Jun 2011

IMPACT DAY celebrations: leaving an impact on young minds

This year's Deloitte IMPACT Day, celebrated on June 10, 2011, very accurately symbolised what the day stands for- 'an important act'. For this act since past four years the company is joining hands with CHILDLINE to help kids in distress.

40 committed employees of Deloitte hopped off a bus at the Mankhurd Government Shelter Home on a rainy June morning, to spend the day with children less privileged than themselves. As their blue t-shirts stated ‘Community- It’s our business’, these vibrant individuals set forth to make this vision a reality.

The day was well- planned. While the Deloitte employees prepared for the list of activities to be conducted during the course of the day, the children interacted with CHILDLINE employees. They introduced themselves, sang the 1098 song and narrated stories and poems they had learnt very proudly!

The children were then divided into groups at both the girls and boys shelter homes. They played games, sport activities, danced and built a bond with the employees. This was followed by a drawing and painting competition where crayons and colours were distributed to the children to allow a flow of their creativity. Toothbrushes, mugs, towels, handkerchiefs etc were distributed amongst the children while discussing basic methods of hygiene and sanitation.  CHILDLINE employees pinned CHILDLINE badges to the children and the Deloitte employees.

The highlight of the day was the yoga and meditation session. The mischievous and restless children were calmly following instructions by the meditation in-charge. They sat with their eyes closed and chanted to the soothing music playing in the background.

While the children meditated, the employees painted a room in the boys’ shelter home with giant sized cartoon characters. The civil work, plastering and painting for this room and begun a month before IMPACT DAY. The condition of the shelter home urged Deloitte to adopt one room and refurbish it in order to create a better home for the children. The painted cartoon characters added colour and life to the once mundane room.

What began as a rainy day, ended with a bunch of smiling children and a group of satisfied employees.

We are certain that the relationship CHILDLINE has nurtured with Deloitte over the last few years is a long-lasting one.


Mansi said...

Excellent experience on 10th June 2011

Jinesh Bharat Shah said...

This is the best of the best, which i have ever seen where organization comes together towards a noble cause. Best day where i can proudly say 'YEH DIL MAANGE MORE...'