5 Jun 2011

The joy of reunion - CHILDLINE Bhopal brings Chottu back to his family

The story of runaway children from Bhopal seems to have become commonplace. One such story is that of Chottu, a 10- year old lad who ran away from home after being scolded by his father.

In September, 2010, CHILDLINE Bhopal received a call from an individual who had been observing a child roaming the streets. The team immediately reached the child and brought him to the CHILDLINE Centre.

A lot of coaxing and rapport building during the counseling session led Chottu to reveal the real reason he had run away from home. After living away from home, he expressed his longing to return home to his parents. Chottu was then brought before the CWC who directed him to Umeed Home. After much back and forth action, the team was able to locate his home and repatriate Chottu with his family. 

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