23 Oct 2015

A Battle to Live – Miracle Children

Over the years CHILDLINE has been blessed to know some amazing people with touching stories. But when it is children who come out as the real heroes, it makes us, the CHILDLINE team, only proud to be a part of their inspirational life. These are the stories of 3 amazing children who fought it out and lived to tell their tale.

10 year old Magarajothi had been suffering from congenital heart disease for years. She lived with her family in the Nochivayal Village of Ramanathapuram District. Unfortunately, since her underprivileged family was not aware of such a sickness her condition was unnoticed for a very long time. As time passed, her health deteriorated and she was not her jovial self. The family realized that there was something wrong with their little girl’s physical condition and that immediate action was to be taken. 

With no one else to look to the parents called up CHILDLINE to help them. Through CHILDLINE’s intervention the parents took their daughter to Saravana Hospital in Madurai for a master checkup and to understand the situation of their girl. The doctors there advised for an immediate open heart surgery to avoid any further complications. Shaken with what the doctors had just told them, Magarajothi’s family was helpless and didn’t know how to arrange the funds that could save their daughter. CHILDLINE visited the family and looking at their worried state assured them support in every way. With the help received from donors as well as the hospital staff Magarajohti was operated in time and was guaranteed a new lease on life. She was taken good care of in the hospital for two whole weeks till she was strong enough to be discharged. Her parents too were allowed to stay in the hospital close to her for the fortnight so that they could care for their daughter and be with the little girl in her time of need.

After watchful considerations, Magarajothi has now fully recovered and has returned to her village where she is back to her old, happy self with no restrictions on the types of activities she can enjoy.

Similar is the story of 12 year old Anushiya. The CHILDLINE team met this bright girl in Sayalkudi School situated in Ramanathapuram district. She too was a victim of congenital heart disease. Deva, another 12 year old enthusiastic boy from Rameswaram was also diagnosed with the same condition.

After learning more about the children from reliable sources, CHILDLINE collected all the details and advised their parents to take them to Saravana Hospital in Madurai for a check-up and thereafter a proper course of treatment. Here as well, the parents were told that their children would require an open heart surgery. Hailing from very meager circumstances neither Anushiya’s father a daily wage earner nor Deva’s father, a coolie were able to fend enough for the entire family. Both the families were in a dilemma and had almost lost hope for a better future for their children. Making a difficult time in their life a bit easier, within a period of two months and through CHILDLINE’s intervention enough donations were collected to fund both the operations. A heart specialist from Chennai was also brought down so as to provide the best care possible plus for expert follow-ups.

All the doctors and nurses were extremely kind, friendly and willing to help Anushiya, Deva and their families in every way possible. Post thorough and careful examinations and tests, the day had finally arrived when both the children would be free from their sickness and be able to live each day just like any other kid their age. CHILDLINE team members and volunteers paid a visit to the little girl and boy before their surgery and promised to come back once they were out. The team was present with logistic support as well as to counsel the children and their families during this nerve-racking time.

The surgery was successful and the doctors reassured the parents that their children were out of danger and would bounce back quickly hale and hearty. Currently Anushiya and Deva are still under treatment as the stitches have yet to be removed. Nonetheless, both have shown a remarkable recovery and their stamina and energy levels are improving every day.

We would like to express our gratitude to Saravana Hospital, Madurai for their commendable services and quality care. We are grateful for their continuous support and want to say Thank You!

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